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EOS Alerts 18-8-2017

Mali: Avoid Protest Outside French Embassy in Bamako on 18 August

Protesters expected to rally outside the French Embassy in Bamako

Authorities have advised citizens and travellers to avoid a planned protest which is scheduled to take place outside the French Embassy in Bamako at 14:00 local time on 18 August. Although the motive behind the protest has not yet been confirmed, local reports have suggested that the demands relate to France’s agenda in the Kidal region of Mali, where they have a large military presence and which remains off limits to many Malian’s. Mali’s President has maintained that he will not tolerate any form of protest against an ally of the country.

In addition to the demonstration, a march is expected to take place from the Monument de l’Independance to the National Assembly building in Bamako on 19 August to denounce the government’s plans to revise the constitution. Heavy security is expected in the areas surrounding the march, which will likely result in disruptions to overland travel.

Those operating or residing in Bamako are advised to avoid the planned protest outside the French Embassy on 18 August and the planned march on 19 August. In the past, security forces have used heavy-handed tactics to disperse and deal with crowds. Seek safe shelter if tensions escalate. 

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