Our Services


EOS protective services cover travel and journey risk management, executive protection, security consultancy, embedded security, policy development, contingency and emergency procedure writing and training.

EOS Risk Group has provided global protective services to enterprises since 2009, supporting contracts within Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia.


Risk can become compounded, more serious or simply more evident when operating in high growth, emerging or complex environments. EOS' risk management services identify and treat risks to enable successful business outcomes. We provide innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions to fulfil our client's duty-of-care obligations and ensure a secure working environment for their staff. 

At a glance, our protective services cover security risk consultancy, travel risk management, journey management, executive and event protection, embedded security management, crisis and contingency planning, security procedure writing, training and asset protection. We provide these services across the World, supported by the EOS Global Provider Network (GPN) of accredited and fully trained security professionals. We operate in the most complex of environments and support enterprises across many different sectors.

EOS have worked on a diverse range of projects, including large oil refineries, offshore installations, sports stadiums, corporate client's international offices, logistics facilities, ports and hotels.  

Crisis Management

Utilising our vast experience managing numerous types of crises, our personnel are able to review and advise on implementation for small, mid, and large-sized Crisis Management Teams (CMT)

We take a bespoke and highly consultative approach to each engagement, building a program specifically to the client’s activities including:

  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Crisis Management Plan Gap Analysis
  • Crisis Management Plan Drafting and Implementation Training
  • Tabletop and Live Crisis Exercise
  • Crisis Communications Training and Exercises
  • Crisis Management Training for Senior Leadership
  • Crisis Management Training for Mid-Management
  • Conduct after Capture Training (general and gender specific available)
  • Crisis Media Training and Exercises

We develop exercises based on realistic scenarios, testing the client CMT to tabletop and live drill formats, which are tailored to the CMTs previous experience and training, perceived weaknesses, and strengths. Exercises focus on issues stemming from emergency evacuations, kidnap and ransom, marine piracy, hostile attack, wrongful detention, malicious product tampering, and other issues, and can be developed to be training driven for inexperienced CMTs, to full-simulation live exercises whereby the CMT assumes its full responsibility for managing the crisis. Depending on the scenario, exercises either incorporate full external notifications and communications, or closed-channel simulation of external notifications within the CMT.

Our teams seek to apply the appropriate amount of guidance, mixed with a hands-off approach in order to view the true performance of the CMT. All exercises are concluded with a debrief and initial hotwash session, followed by a comprehensive final report, written by the exercise facilitators.

Security Risk Consultancy

EOS consultants provide security expertise to clients so they can assess and treat security risks to their projects and operations. Our assistance helps clients understand the risks, their impact and likelihood and how to build resilient systems to manage, monitor and respond to a deteriorating security environment or incident. 

Our risk methodology is informed by ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines. 

Depending on your organisation's needs, EOS can provide consultancy services or ongoing embedded support. Our consultants can assist with:

  • Developing, implementing and managing day-to-day security plans and procedures.
  • Coordinating security with local or government security agencies. 
  • Writing crisis management and business continuity plans. 
  • Community and stakeholder engagement. 
  • Developing emergency communications plans.
  • Conducting security gap analysis and vulnerability surveys. 
  • Implementing proportionate and effective physical and logical risk mitigation. 
  • Sourcing and reporting on security intelligence relevance to your project or operations, often in conjunction with the EOS Intelligence & Advisory division. 
  • Conducting table-top and live crisis exercises
  • Delivering security and crisis management training. 
  • Providing oversight to investigations.

Journey Management & Executive Protection

Ensuring safe passage for your personnel wherever they are in the world is essential in supporting safe travel plans, mitigating risk and meeting corporate Duty of Care obligations.

EOS provides and coordinates secure passage for your employees in new or challenging environments. Drawing on our extensive network of deployed teams, vetted in-country providers and regional contacts, we enable our clients to operate with peace of mind when security risks are elevated, delivering high quality vehicles, locally experienced and trained drivers, business assurance officers, airport meet and greet services, police or military escorts and local fixers.

All journey management and close protection contracts are orchestrated through our 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC), based in the UK. Prior to the confirmation of each tasking, our experienced SOC operators and the EOS intelligence & advisory department will identify proportionate risk mitigation measures which suit the client's exact requirements. We have provided journey management services in a variety of settings and business contexts, from executive protection in major Asian cities to high risk road moves in rural Africa.

For each task the client will receive a detailed concept of operations (ConOps) document and a pre-travel briefing, providing a clear overview of the operation, a summary of security risks and instructions to the traveller(s). All operations are monitored 24/7 by the EOS SOC and regular updates will be provided to the traveller's line manager, security department or a suitable alternative. Our intelligence department will actively monitor changes to the threat dynamic in the area of operations, and update our in-country teams with timely information when necessary.

Close Protection

We provide highly trained and professional close protection operatives (CPOs). Our CPOs have backgrounds in the military, special forces and close protection police officers, they are thoroughly vetted prior to all tasks and their profiles are selected and tailored to the client’s requirements.

Operatives are all SIA licensed and trained to deliver a discreet security solution, a service we provide to numerous UHNW and HNW clients and individuals in the UK and globally. Our 24/7 Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) and intelligence department provide support to our deployed teams’ and asses and highlight any potential risks so they can be mitigated without any disruption to the clients’ plans.


Key services include:

  • Individual/family protection
  • Celebrity/Diplomatic protection
  • Protective surveillance
  • Security chauffeurs
  • 24/7 Global Security Operations Centre support

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

We provide a structured and systematic physical search; along with a specialist electronic examination of a designated area to discover both active and passive electronic eavesdropping devices.

Electronic Counter-surveillance Equipment & Processes

We utilise the very latest in electronic counter-surveillance equipment and are capable of locating sophisticated ’21st century’ audio / video / GPS devices.  Our equipment is the same used by both British and foreign Governments; along with many police services and military forces around the world.

We pride ourselves in providing the top class personnel with the best equipment available to conduct TSCM surveys to the highest possible standards. 

Our equipment is sourced from a variety of suppliers enabling us to pick the best equipment for any given task including (but not confined to) Far Field Spectrum Analysers, Near Field Radio Detection Systems, Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD), Telephone and Line Analysers, GSM Detection / Location Equipment, Thermal Imaging Systems, Endoscopes, Specialist telephone and electronic test equipment.

Our TSCM Sweeps consists of three phases:

Initial Site Review
Prior to conducting a TSCM sweep, we will either attend the location to be swept, or request layout drawings in order to review your requirements and to ensure an accurate quotation.

TSCM Sweep
Sweep & Analysis utilizing the latest specialist electronic TSCM equipment
A skilled deep physical search & inspection of the ‘at risk’ location.

A concise technical report of our findings, along with practical advice on how to further protect and defend your location from ‘eavesdropping’.

Technical Surveillance (TSCM)