Our Services

Cyber Security

Our cyber security services are delivered by the Group company EOS Cyber Risk Management which, provides services to mitigate, treat and respond to cyber and technology enabled crime.

Digital Intelligence

EOS monitors the Internet to identify the digital risks to your organisation, including cyber threats, reputational risks and the Darknet. We utilise a custom-built technologies designed to provide automated collection, monitoring and advanced analytical capabilities of threat intelligence information.

We work in the physical and logical landscape to promote understanding and ultimately secure the cyber environment for land based and maritime operations.

Digital Risk Assessments

It is critical to establish the overarching threats and vulnerabilities to your enterprise. Our in-depth risk assessment covers the following areas: 

  • Antivirus protection
  • Types of onboard hardware
  • Possible rogue access points (AP’s) including power supplies, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth communication, satellites and entertainment systems
  • External connections (PNT and AIS systems)
  • Physical security of computing and networking components
  • Use of remote systems
  • Human factor / cyber users (onboard & remote)
  • Patch levels
  • Security considerations of radio frequency transmissions (Possible threat from VBAN)

Training & Assurance

90% of all cyber security related incidents are down to the human factor. We look to address this by completing our bespoke cyber security awareness training programme which covers: 

  • General cyber security terminology and principles
  • Types of information and who’s responsible for it
  • Threats to information (negligence, phishing, insider threat, malware, technical surveillance etc.)
  • Risks of social media
  • Dangers associated with emails
  • Protective measures
  • Staying safe online (includes strong passwords and internet browsing)
  • Steps to take if you think you’ve been a victim of an attack

Incident Support

Our Incident Support Service has been designed specifically for the Insurance market targeting SME Business.

The sustained number of reported cyber attacks and data breaches is increasing the demands on all companies to raise their game when it comes to information security and their own cyber security posture.  Our service has been specifically designed to fit with those growing demands and focusses on companies that need a low cost and effective solution.

Our C-SOC will provide 24/7 incident support services helping customers deal with cyber incident of their computer systems and assisting in the recovery of their operational status as quickly and efficiently as possible and aims to makes sense of the noise and reduce the stress a cyber attack can bring a company.

We offer both proactive and reactive cyber incident support and forms an added valued feature for brokers targeting large affinity groups in the SME Sector.

24/7 Proactive Data Breach Monitoring

Proactive Data Breach Monitoring is working for your organisation from day 1.

Our digital token provide a safe and reliable way of identifying a data breach quickly and doesn’t require any specialist IT knowledge by simply inserting a small piece of code with any database. In addition it provides you and the insured with source attribution as well as valuable context around the breach. This value intelligence forms part of their response and helps them take action quickly and without major fuss.

Fast action is essentially in combatting the breach as well as addressing the demands of GDPR that all companies now face.

As part of your policy we will include a 10 Breach Alert Tokens - a string of code that is unique to you and your policy.

Simply embed our digital token into your datasets as a dummy record (don’t worry its an easy process and we will give your a step by step guide as to how to do this.) We will then continuously monitor the channels and parts of the internet most commonly used by hackers and cyber criminals looking for stolen or misappropriated data. If a token is detected, our application alerts you or your insured directly by email or direct to their phone.

This proactive feature comes free of charge with every policy and doesn’t need any specialist technical skills or in depth knowledge of IT - its simple, effective and give you the source attribution of a breach and valuable context around it.

Be the first to know in order to adopt the appropriate response sooner and mitigate the exposure to you and your customer’s.

GDPR regulations means that every company has a reposnsibility to look after its customers data - our Breach Alert Token will help you know about any breach effecting your data where you have a token present. It will give you the early warning needed to take action and to demonstrate that you are doing all in your power to mitigate the exposure.