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EOS Alerts 1-9-2017

Nigeria: Flooding Displaces 100,000

Flooding displaces 100,000 in Benue State

Over 100,000 people are said to have fled their homes, due to extreme flooding in the south-eastern state of Benue. The region had been battered by heavy rains over the past two weeks with the level of the Benue river steadily rising. President Buhari has said that the Federal Government (FG) will “make available all assistance to those affected.” Benue state, which is heavily reliant on its agricultural sector, has suffered from repeated floods in recent years, caused by heavy rains and the opening of dams in neighbouring Cameroon.

Those operating or residing in Benue State are advised to be aware of the serious floods. Residents or travellers are therefore warned to prepare for possible further flooding in the near term. Rearrange any travel routes to avoid the worst affected areas. Monitor local media for more information regarding the flooding. Follow all directives issued by the authorities and maintain a flexible itinerary until the floods pass.

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