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EOS Alerts 18-5-2017

Venezuela: US Embassy Issues Security Message

Ongoing protests and violent clashes reported in Venezuela

The US Embassy in Caracas has issued a security message, amid continued unrest and violent protesting in Venezuela, which has seen several people killed. The Embassy has received reports of various rallies and activities that are expected to take place in Caracas and throughout the country this week, including an opposition-aligned demonstration on Saturday 20 May. Affected areas will likely experience traffic disruptions and it is also reasonable to expect the heavy presence of police/security forces near these locations. Recent protests have encountered a strong police/security force presence, the use of tear gas and sometimes rubber bullets.

Those operating or residing in Caracas are advised to avoid all large protests and gatherings of people, due to the credible risk of detention and protest-related violence. Seek shelter if tensions begin to escalate. Reroute your plans to avoid travelling within the city in the near term. 

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